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Upcoming Events and Conferences

European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases 18-22 September 2023, Turin, Italy
12th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure 19 - 22 October 2023, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
International Conference on Structural and Civil Engineering (ICSCE). 13th October 2023 Manchester, UK
ICIBC 2023: Innovation in Building and Construction Conference, Beijing (Oct 02-03, 2023)
ICCMBE 2023: Construction Management and Bridge Engineering Conference, Kathmandu (Oct 16-17, 2023)
ICTPARE 2023: Transportation Planning and Advanced Railway Engineering Conference, Bali (Oct 23-24, 2023)
ICRRE 2023: Road and Railway Engineering Conference, Lisbon (Oct 30-31, 2023
ICSECM 2023: Structural Engineering, Construction and Management Conference, Osaka (Oct 30-31, 2023)
ICSEM 2023: Structural Engineering and Materials Conference, Paris (Oct 30-31, 2023)
ICTSE 2023: Transportation and Structural Engineering Conference, Lisbon (Oct 30-31, 2023)
ICACMDB 2023: Advanced Construction Management and Designing Bridges Conference, San Francisco (Nov 06-07, 2023)
DRG conference , Sheffield, UK 21-23 November 2023
ICAEIBD 2023: Architectural Engineering and Innovative Bridge Designing Conference, Dubai (Nov 13-14, 2023)
ICBED 2023: Bridge Engineering and Designing Conference, London (Nov 27-28, 2023)
ICSFAPM 2024: Structural Failure Analysis and Prediction Methods Conference, Tokyo (Jan 11-12, 2024)
ICBCR 2024: Bridge Construction and Repair Conference, New York (Jan 29-30, 2024)
ICADB 2024: Architectural Designs and Bridge Conference, Rio de Janeiro (Feb 01-02, 2024)
ICBRE 2024: Bridge and Railway Engineering Conference, Guangzhou (Feb 01-02, 2024)
ICSEB 2024: Structural Engineering and Bridges Conference, Tokyo (Feb 26-27, 2024)
ICSBE 2024: Structural and Bridge Engineering Conference, Rome (Mar 04-05, 2024)
ICBEID 2024: Bridge Engineering and Innovative Designing Conference, Miami (Mar 11-12, 2024)
ICABD 2024: Architectural and Bridge Designing Conference, Athens (Apr 08-09, 2024)
ICBC 2024: Bridge Construction Conference, Cape Town (Apr 15-16, 2024)
International Association For Bridge And Structural Engineering, IABSE SYMPOSIUM. 10-12 April 2024, Manchester Metropolitan University
ICBCD 2024: Bridge Construction and Design Conference, Rome (Jun 03-04, 2024)
ICCCCB 2024: Composite Constructions and Composite Bridges Conference, Paris (Jun 24-25, 2024)
ICBESD 2024: Bridge Engineering and Safe Designing Conference, Singapore (Jul 05-06, 2024)
ICSSDE 2024: Structural Seismic Design and Evaluation Conference, Singapore (Jul 05-06, 2024)
ICBCMR 2024: Bridge Construction, Maintenance and Repair Conference, Santorini (Jul 12-13, 2024)
International Association For Bridge And Structural Engineering, IABSE CONGRESS . 25-27 Sep 2024, SAN JOSE, Costa Rica

Past Events


September 2023

Keith Worden has joined among 73 of the UK’s most prominent engineering and technology experts elected as a Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow. The new Fellows were chosen for their exceptional contributions in pioneering new innovations, leading progress in business or academia, providing high-level advice to government, or promoting a wider understanding of engineering and technology. It is a great recognition of Keith’s work and he joins two of our ROSEHIPS members (Mark Girolami, UoC and Roger Woods, QUB). Many congratulations to Keith.

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September 2023

Welcome Josie McCulloch – the ROSEHIPS team at the University of Sheffield also welcomed new Research Associate/Software Developer Josie McCulloch who started on Monday 18th September 2023.

July 2023

Welcome to Tristan Gowdridge – the ROSEHIPS team at the University of Sheffield welcomed new Research Associate/Software Developer Tristan Gowdridge, who started on Monday 3rd July 2023.

June 2023

Welcome to Richard Stafford – In June 2023 the ROSEHIPS team at University of Exeter welcomed Richard Stafford as an Experimental Officer,