queens university belfast


Management Committee

The Management Committee consists of our representatives from our ROSEHIPS consortium from: University of Sheffield, University of Exeter, University of Cambridge and Queen’s University Belfast

Keith Worden

Tim Rogers

Elizabeth Cross

Nikolaos Dervilis

Mark Girolami

David Hester

Su Taylor

Roger Woods

Ki Young Koo

James Brownjohn

Myra Lydon

Evangelos Papatheou


Project Management Office and Administration team

The Project Management Office consists of administrative staff at the University of Sheffield supported by staff at the University of Exeter

Karen El-Arifi

Grace Jackson-Stokes

Katy Manning


Postdoctoral Research Associates

Our postdoctoral Research Associates are based in all of the consortium institutions: University of Sheffield, University of Cambridge, University of Exeter and Queen’s University Belfast.

Arnaud Vadeboncoeur

Max Champneys

Tristan Gowdridge

Alan Ferguson


Tina Dardeno

Aidan Hughes

Dan Brennan

Connor O’Higgins

Lawrence Bull


Software Engineers and Experimental Officer

Based in the University of Sheffield and the University of Exeter

Richard Stafford

Josie McCulloch


PhD Students

Our PhD students are based at University of Sheffield and Queen’s University Belfast.  These students are associated with ROSEHIPS but not funded by the project.

David Lim

Tom Windus-Smith

Connor Kent

Daniel Clarkson

Simon Brealy


Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is chaired by Dr Nevana Stevanovic (Siemens-Gamesa) and made up of leaders in academia and industry. They meet to conduct an Annual Review, and feedback on the progress, management and direction of the programme. Members of the Advisory Group will be invited to attend the progress update and Management Committee meetings at the midpoint of the year, to provide less formal guidance. They will also advise on knowledge transfer and impact.


Industrial and Academic Partners

Members of the consortium have a strong tradition of working with industry and enjoy a close relationship with many of the named partner companies. The strong interaction with industry partners here is key to upholding the ROSEHIPS vision and will be achieved via regular Advisory Group meetings and secondments of the PDRAs with end-user companies.


Associate Partners

Associate Partners have been invited to join ROSEHIPS to provide advice and input to the project



Former members of the team

Chris Lindley

George Tsialiamanis

Jack Poole