Queen’s University Belfast

Connor O’Higgins

Dr Connor O’Higgins is a Research Fellow at Queen's University Belfast. His postdoctoral research focuses on Structural Health Monitoring of infrastructure and in particular bridges.

Connor has 5 year's experience working in industry as a structural engineer where he was involved in the inspection, testing and structural assessment of structures. During this time he designed, installed and operated long-term Structural Health Monitoring systems.

He completed his PhD in May 2022 which comprised the design of a vibration-based low-cost Structural Health Monitoring system that can be used to detect changing structural behaviour of bridges. This project involved installing SHM systems on in-service bridges.

After the completion of his PhD Connor has worked on a number of postdoctoral projects, including the development of a novel fibre optic scour sensor and the design of a fibre-reinforced concrete tower for wind turbines.