The University of Sheffield

Tom Windus-Smith

Tom Windus-Smith is a PhD student based at the University of Sheffield, working under Dr Tim Rogers.

Having graduated from the same institution with a Master’s degree in Mechanical

Engineering, the decision to pursue a PhD in the same field followed. Currently, the PhD

project is focused on the application of Differential Privacy (DP) to Population Based

Structural Health Monitoring (PBSHM), which would allow all manufacturers involved to use

each other’s data to assess the health of their structures whilst retaining an acceptable level

of privacy and anonymity from each other - as well as outsiders. The main research is on

how others have applied DP to similar processes involving Federated Machine Learning,

and seeing how these techniques may be extrapolated to a PBSHM application. Research

interests: Differential Privacy, Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Structural Health